An official phpBB extension for topic prefixes.

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phpBB Topic Prefixes

This is the repository for the development of the Topic Prefixes phpBB extension.

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The phpBB Topic Prefixes extension allows phpBB board administrators to create topic prefix tags that users can easily add to their topic titles. Features include:

  • Create unique and unlimited prefixes for each forum in your phpBB board.
  • Admins can sort, enable and disable prefix tags.
  • Users will see a topic prefix menu when creating a new topic in a forum that uses topic prefixes.
  • Topic prefixes can easily be changed when a user is editing their original first post.
  • Because the topic prefix is added directly to the topic title, if an admin disables or deletes a topic prefix, existing topic titles using the deleted prefix will not be changed.
  • This is the same extension currently in use at in the Extensions and Styles in development forums.

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GNU General Public License v2