This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Completion library for Worse Reflection

0.4.7 2022-02-19 11:01 UTC



PHP Code Completion library for Phpactor.

This package includes:

  • Completion APIs and implementations.
  • Phpactor RPC extension and handlers.
  • Language Server extension and handlers.


Each completor implements the Completor interface which accepts the source code as a string and a byte offset from which to complete from. The completor must yield instances of the Suggestion class:

$completor = new MyCompletor();
$suggestions = $completor->complete($sourceCode, $byteOffset);

/** @var Suggestion $suggestion */
foreach ($suggestions as $suggestion) {
    echo $suggestion->name();
    echo $suggestion->shortDescription();

Multiple completors can be chained together with the ChainCompletor:

$completor = new ChainCompletor([
    new MyCompletor1(),
    new MyCompletor2(),

$suggestions = $completor->complete($sourceCode, $byteOffset);

Tolerant Completors

The library currently includes a suite of completors using the Tolerant PHP Parser and WorseReflection. All of the tolerant completors are instances of TolerantCompletorInterface and accept a parser node rather than a byte offset. They can be collected in a TolerantChainCompletor class which in turn implements the primary Completor interface:

use Phpactor\WorseReflection\ReflectorBuilder;
use Phpactor\Completion\Bridge\TolerantParser\ChainTolerantCompletor;
use Phpactor\Completion\Bridge\TolerantParser\WorseReflection\WorseLocalVariableCompletor;
use Phpactor\Completion\Bridge\TolerantParser\WorseReflection\WorseClassMemberCompletor;

$reflector = ReflectorBuilder::create()->addSource($sourceCode)->build();
$formatter = new ObjectFormatter([
    // ... instances of ObjectFormatter
$completor = new ChainTolerantCompletor([
    new WorseLocalVariableCompletor($reflector, $formatter),
    new WorseClassMemberCompletor($reflector, $formatter),

$completor->complete($sourceCode, $byteOffset);


This library can format arbitrary objects as strings, for example to go from a ReflectionMethod to the synopsis: pub function($foobar).

$formatter = new ObjectFormatter([
    new TypeFormatter(),
    new TypesFormatter(),
    new FunctionFormatter(),
    new MethodFormatter(),
    new ParameterFormatter(),
    new ParametersFormatter(),
    new PropertyFormatter(),
    new VariableFormatter(),

$reflectionMethod = $reflector->reflectClass(Foobar::class)->methods()->get('barfoo');

Each formatter is able to indicate if it can format a given object, and if so it is chosen.


This package is open source and welcomes contributions! Feel free to open a pull request on this repository.


  • Create an issue on the main Phpactor repository.
  • Join the #phpactor channel on the Slack Symfony Devs channel.