Library to covert class names to file paths and vice-versa

0.5.2 2022-10-08 08:32 UTC


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This library provides facilities to guess/transform class names to files paths and vice-versa.

It uses the composer autoload to guess the best candidates using PSR-0 and PSR-4.


// require the composer autoloader for the class you want to investigate
$autoloader = require(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

// for file candidates
$converter = ClassFileConverter::fromComposerAutoloader($autoloader);
$candidates = $classToFile->classToFileCandidates(ClassName::fromString('Foobar\\Barfoo\\MyClass'));

echo (string) $candidates->empty(); // return true if there are no candidates
echo (string) $candidates->best(); // path to the "best" candidate

// or for class candidates
$candidates = $classToFile->fileToClassCandidates(FilePath::fromString('lib/Foobar/BarFoo/MyClass.php'));

Doesn't composer provide file paths for classes?

Yes it does, but only if the class exists. One of the purposes of this class is to be able to determine a file path for a class which may not exist (for example to generate a class in a new file).

You may also want to do this and not pollute your autoloading environment (unfortunately this library currently does pollute the autoloader, but it can be avoided in the future.

Why would you want to determine the class from a filename?

Glad you asked! This is can be useful when you want to generate an empty class in an empty file.

When one autoloader isn't enough

In some exceptional cases you may have a project which has more than one composer autoloader, this is supported through the ChainFileToClass and ChainClassToFile classes, or most simply through the facade:

$converter = ClassFileConverter::fromComposerAutoloaders([ $autoloader1, $autoloader2 ]);


This package is open source and welcomes contributions! Feel free to open a pull request on this repository.


  • Create an issue on the main Phpactor repository.
  • Join the #phpactor channel on the Slack Symfony Devs channel.