Extra functionality for work with Symfony functional tests

v4.7.2 2020-09-11 11:40 UTC



Add to composer.json:

"require-dev": {
    "php-solution/sf-functional-test": "dev-master"

or if you run composer install without dev, but you must run phpunit to section "required"

Load environment variables from files

Add to your phpunit.xml listener and configure arguments(relative file paths from your phpunit.xml configuration file):

<listener class="PhpSolution\FunctionalTest\PHPUnit\Listener\EnvLoader">
            <element key="0">
            <element key="1">

Load Doctrine fixtures before test cases

Add to your phpunit.xml Listener:

    <listener class="PhpSolution\FunctionalTest\PHPUnit\Listener\FixtureLoader" />
            <element key="--fixtures">

Run Doctrine migrations before test cases

Add to your phpunit.xml Listener:

<listener class="PhpSolution\FunctionalTest\PHPUnit\Listener\MigrationLauncher">

Using Test case additional functionallity PhpSolution\FunctionalTest\TestCase\AppTestCase

Using Authorization:

  1. Add to your config_test.yml:
            http_basic: ~
  1. Use on TestCase
$client = $this->getAuthorizedClient('user_login', 'password');

Work with Symfony DI Container

protected function getContainer()
protected function getRouter()
protected function generateUrl($route, $params = [], $referenceType = UrlGeneratorInterface::ABSOLUTE_PATH)
protected function getSecurityToken()

Work with Doctrine

  1. Get doctrine service(return $this->container->get('doctrine')):
  1. Find Entity helper method:
protected function findTestEntity($entityClass, $orderBy = 'id', $findBy = [])
  1. Refresh Entity:
protected function refreshEntity($entity) 

Example of correct project structure:

See correct project structure and configs for functional tests on link