This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the league/monga package instead.

MongoDB Abstraction Layer

1.2.4 2016-02-29 17:56 UTC


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A simple and swift MongoDB abstraction layer for PHP 5.4+

What's this all about?

  • An easy API to get connections, databases and collections.
  • A filter builder that doesn't make your mind go nuts.
  • All sorts of handy update functions.
  • An abstraction for sorting single results.
  • GridFS support for a Mongo filesystem.
  • Easy aggregation and distinct values.


Monga was created with the acknowledgment of the MongoDB PHP package already being pretty awesome. That's why in a lot of cases Monga is just a simple wrapper around the MongoDB classes. It provides some helpers and helps you set up queries using a query builder. Which you can also choose not to use! Everything will still work accordingly. During the development, a lot of planning has gone into creating a nice streamlined API that closely follows the MongoDB base classes, while complementing existing query builders for SQL-like databases.


Via Composer

$ composer require league/monga


use League\Monga;

// Get a connection
$connection = Monga::connection($dns, $connectionOptions);

// Get the database
$database = $connection->database('db_name');

// Drop the database

// Get a collection
$collection = $database->collection('collection_name');

// Drop the collection

// Truncate the collection

// Insert some values into the collection
$insertIds = $collection->insert([
		'name' => 'John',
		'surname' => 'Doe',
		'nick' => 'The Unknown Man',
		'age' => 20,
		'name' => 'Frank',
		'surname' => 'de Jonge',
		'nick' => 'Unknown',
		'nik' => 'No Man',
		'age' => 23,

// Update a collection
$collection->update(function ($query) {
		->set('nick', 'FrenkyNet');

// Find Frank
$frank = $collection->findOne(function ($query) {
	$query->where('name', 'Frank')
		->whereLike('surname', '%e Jo%');

// Or find him using normal array syntax
$frank = $collection->find([
	'name' => 'Frank',
	'surname' => new MongoRegex('/e Jo/imxsu')



// Also supports nested queries
$users = $collection->find(function ($query) {
	$query->where(function ($query) {
		$query->where('name', 'Josh')
			->orWhere('surname', 'Doe');
	})->orWhere(function ($query) {
		$query->where('name', 'Frank')
			->where('surname', 'de Jonge');

// get the users as an array
$arr = $users->toArray();


A big part of the newly released MongoDB pecl package is aggregation support. Which is super easy to do with Monga:

$collection->aggregate(function ($a) {
		'name' => 1,
		'surname' => -1,
		'tags' => 1,

	// But also more advanced groups/projections
	$a->project(function ($p) {
	})->group(function ($g) {
		$g->by(['$name', '$surname'])


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.