Test suite for PSR7

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Test PSR7 implementations against the specification.


PSR7 Implementation Status Legacy
Guzzle Guzzle
Laminas Laminas Legacy (failures expected)
Slim Slim
Nyholm Nyholm
RingCentral RingCentral
HttpSoft HttpSoft


To use the integration tests with a PSR-7 implementation, add this package to the dev dependencies:

$ composer require --dev php-http/psr7-integration-tests

Then set up phpunit to run the tests for your implementation.


Please see the official documentation.


This repository also is set up to test a couple of implementations directly. You need to install dependencies from source for the tests to work:

$ composer update --prefer-source

Note: If you already have the sources installed, you need to delete the vendor folder before running the above command.

Run the test suite for one implementation with:

$ composer test -- --testsuite <name>

The names are Guzzle, Laminas, Slim, Nyholm, RingCentral.

It is also possible to exclude tests that require a live internet connection:

$ composer test -- --testsuite <name> --exclude-group internet


Please see our contributing guide.


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.