Skype Bot CLI & Library Client

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#PHP CLI/Library for the Skype Bot API

###API Docs:


There are 2 ways to install it:

  • Download the Phar
  • Install as a Composer Package

###Download the Phar

download the latest version from the Releases section or from the cli:

$ wget && chmod +x skype.phar

###Install as a Composer Package

$ composer require radutopala/skype-bot-php




use Skype\Client;

$client = new Client([
    'clientId' => '<yourClientId>',
    'clientSecret' => '<yourClientSecret>',
$api = $client->authorize()->api('conversation');   // Skype\Api\Conversation
$api->activity('29:<skypeHash>', 'Your message');


Here some usage examples.

$ bin/skype auth <yourClientId>
$ bin/skype conversation:activity <to> <message>

Or with the phar file.

php skype.phar auth <yourClientId>
php skype.phar conversation:activity <to> <message>


  • If used as a library, the HTTP Guzzle Client will automatically try to re-authenticate using a Guzzle middleware, if the access_token will expire in the following 10 minutes.

  • If used as a phar, you can update it to latest version using skype.phar self-update

  • If used as a library, you can store the token configs in your own preffered file path, as follows:

    $client = new Client([
         'clientId' => '<yourClientId>',
         'clientSecret' => '<yourClientSecret>',
         'fileTokenStoragePath' => '<yourOwnPath>',

More docs to come soon.