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This bundle is licensed under the MIT License.

GStandaard bundle contains propel bindings and an import task for the Z-Index dataset.


  • Symfony 2.4.x
  • Propel bundle 1.4.x
  • PHP CURL extension
  • See also the require section of composer.json


Install the latest version with composer require pharmaintelligence/gstandaard-bundle



GStandaard-Bundle hooks into the propel settings from your project. Setting up your tables and om-classes can be done using the propel:model:build and propel:migration:* tasks.

Two parameters are required in your config.yml:

# app/config.yml
    user: '%gstandaard_user%'
    password: '%gstandaard_user%'
# app/parameters.yml
gstandaard_user: username
gstandaard_password: password

These parameters are the username/password you've received from Z-Index to download the G-Standaard.

Importing G-Standaard

In your project directory run: php app\console pharma-intelligence:g-standaard:import Appending the option --alleenMutaties speeds up the import process by only processing mutated fields.


All tables available through the G-Standaard are available within this bundle, usage is through propel's query & om classes.

Added bonuses

An extra table is available: gs_artikel_eigenschappen. This table is a denormalized table containing the most used properties for all Z-Index numbers.

The pi.gstandaard.barcode_service is registered through the service container. It allows a user to search for products based on barcodes.


Pull requests are welcome.