Flowdock notification plugin for Rocketeer

v1.0.1 2016-05-16 05:14 UTC


This plugin will allow Rocketeer to announce deployments to a single or multiple flowdock event flows for before and after deploy events have triggered, as well as any rollbacks that need to occur.


In your current project directory you'll need to install the project via :

composer install peak-adventure-travel/rocketeer-flowdock --dev

Then you'll need to install it to Rocketeer via:

rocketeer plugin:install peak-adventure-travel/rocketeer-flowdock

Then in your applications .rocketeer/config.php, add Rocketeer\Plugins\Flowdock\RocketeerFlowdock to the plugin array.


To setup the config you'll need to run the below command :

rocketeer plugin:config peak-adventure-travel/rocketeer-flowdock

Then go into .rocketeer/plugins/rocketeers/rocketeer-flowdock/config.php and configure the variables to as you wish, you will require at least one source_token for this plugin to work. (See Retrieving your Source Token below)


To run just the singular PHPUnit tests in tests/ type the following command :

$ vendor/bin/phing phpunit

Retrieving your Source Tokens

  1. Whilst in Flowdock select the flow (Channel) that you wish to add the announcements too,
  2. Click the cog wheel on the flow, and select Settings,
  3. On the new window, select the Integrations tab and search for "Rocketeer"
  4. Click on '+ Connect Rocketeer Deployment to Flowdock',
  5. On the new window, enter the name you wish to call this Integration (recommend: Rocketeer Deployment),
  6. Click the 'Create source' button,
  7. Store the source token that is generated and place it in the config.php file with an appropriate name.