PeachPayments Hosted Magento 2 module, all-in-one payment solution for emerging African markets.

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1.3.0 2024-02-13 11:05 UTC


All-in-One payment solution for emerging African markets.

Installation (composer)

  • Install Composer - Composer Download Instructions

  • Install PeachPayments Hosted module

    • Install Payment Module

      $ composer require peachpayments/magento2-plugin
    • Enable Payment Module

      $ php bin/magento module:enable PeachPayments_Hosted
      $ php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    • Deploy Magento Static Content (Execute If needed)

      $ php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy


  • Login to the Admin Panel and go to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods
  • If the Payment Module Panel Peach Payments is not visible in the list of available Payment Methods, go to System -> Cache Management and clear Magento Cache by clicking on Flush Magento Cache
  • Go back to Payment Methods and click the button Configure under the payment method Peach Payments to expand the available settings
  • Set Enabled to Yes, set the correct credentials, select your preferred settings and click Save config

PHP Compatibility

Module only support these PHP versions: 7.3 and 7.4 (PHP 7.1 and 7.2 has been depreciated, please use version 1.0.7, this excludes GraphQL)


There are two events available for usage to supplement your 3rd party tracking. On order success you can use peachpayments_order_succeed, on order failure use peachpayments_order_failed. Both events will have a data object as: result. Please take special care to prevent duplicates in your observer. These events will be dispatched on both the customer facing and webhook controllers.


To allow for a graphql flow, please use the core magento setPaymentMethodOnCart and placeOrder methods.

After a successful order id has been returned use the method getPeachHostedRedirectUrl to redirect the customer to the checkout page (at this stage the order should be on the pending state). Deconstruct the json object from form_data and submit as _POST parameters to the specified form_link url.

After the customer has returned to the return_url you specified, do a call to the method getPeachHostedOrderStatus to get a success (1) or declined (2) status, retry on an interval if the status code is 3.


# set peach as payment method
mutation setPaymentMethodOnCart($cartId: String!){
  setPaymentMethodOnCart(input: {
      cart_id: $cartId
      payment_method: {
          code: "peachpayments_hosted_card"
  }) {
    cart {
      selected_payment_method {

# place order
mutation placeOrder($cartId: String!) {
  placeOrder(input: {cart_id: $cartId}) {
    order {

# Get redirect url and data
query getPeachHostedRedirectUrl($cartId: String!){
  getPeachHostedRedirectUrl(input: {
    cart_id: $cartId,
    return_url: ""
  }) {

# Get staus
query getPeachHostedOrderStatus($orderId: String!){
  getPeachHostedOrderStatus(input: { order_id: $orderId }) {