Flysystem adapter for the Nextcloud filesystem.

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Flysystem adapter for the Nextcloud filesystem

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This project is part of the PHP stack of projects by PDS Interop. It is used by the Solid-Nextcloud app.

As the functionality seemed useful for other projects, it was implemented as a separate package.


The advised install method is through composer:

composer require pdsinterop/flysystem-nextcloud


This package offers features to interact with the Filesystem provided by Nextcloud through the Flysystem API.

To use the adapter, instantiate it and add it to a Flysystem filesystem:

/** @var IRootFolder $rootFolder */
$folder = $rootFolder->getUserFolder('userId')->get('/some/directory');

// Create the Nextcloud Adapter
$adapter = new \Pdsinterop\Flysystem\Adapter\Nextcloud($folder);

// Create Flysystem as usual, adding the Adapter
$filesystem = new \League\Flysystem\Filesystem($adapter);

// Read the contents of a file
$content = $filesystem->read('/some.file');


  • Do not forget to install the required dependencies using composer.

  • Most of the logic here involves Nextcloud and/or FlySystem. You'll want to familiarise yourself with their workings.


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