This is a demo repository which should explain how to write codeception tests for OXID eShop

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OXID eShop Codeception Demo

This project should explain how to write codeception acceptance tests for OXID eShop


These tests can be used with every OXID eShop which has activated the "Flow Theme". The project was created and tested on OXID eShop 6.2 CE.

Installation on Ubuntu 18.04

You will need the following things to run the tests:

  • The standalone Selenium Server - Download
  • The Goolge Chrome Browser
  • The chromium-chromedriver for ubuntu which can be installed through sudo apt install chromium-chromedriver
  • composer for the package installation

Running tests

First you will have to run composer install in the root of the project. After that you have to export two variables to define your Selenium-Server and the shop you want to test.

$ export WEBDRIVER_URL="" && export WEBSITE_URL=""

Now you have to start the Selenium-Server ip which you had downloaded before.

$ java -jar "/path/to/selenium-server-standalone-xxx.jar"

Finally you can run the codeception tests using the following command:

$ vendor/bin/codecept run  


The project is released under GPL-3.0. For a full overview check the LICENSE file.