Use AWS KMS for key-wrapping with PASERK

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PASERK Wrapper for AWS KMS

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Integrates PASERK with AWS KMS for key-wrapping. Requires PHP 8.1 or newer.

This repository is an extension of PASERK for PHP.

PASERK Specification

The PASERK Specification can be found in this repository.


composer require paragonie/paserk-aws-kms



You will need a KmsClient object and a PASETO protocol version object.

use Aws\Kms\KmsClient;
use ParagonIE\Paseto\ProtocolInterface;
use ParagonIE\Paserk\Operations\Wrap\AwsKms;

 * @var KmsClient $kmsClient
 * @var ProtocolInterface $pasetoProtocol

$awsKmsWrapper = new AwsKms($kmsClient, $pasetoProtocol);

If you'd like to specify custom Encryption Context:

    'department' => '10103.0'

You can then pass the AwsKms object to the constructor of the PASERK Wrap Operation class.

 * @var AwsKms $awsKmsWrapper
$wrapper = new \ParagonIE\Paserk\Operations\Wrap($awsKmsWrapper);

See the paserk-php documentation for further details.