PHPCS Rulesets for WordPress projects on Pantheon.

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Pantheon WP Coding Standards

Actively Maintained Packagist Version MIT License

PHPCS rulesets for WordPress projects on Pantheon.


The PHPCS ruleset can be installed via Composer:

composer require --dev pantheon-systems/pantheon-wp-coding-standards


Run the following command to run the standards checks:

vendor/bin/phpcs -s --standard=Pantheon-WP .

We recommend using the -s flag so that PHPCS will report the specific rule that was violated. This makes it easier to add exclusions or research possible solutions.

If you have a tests directory that you want to exclude from the sniffs, you can do so by adding the --ignore flag:

vendor/bin/phpcs -s --ignore=tests/* --standard=Pantheon-WP .


If you want to customize the defaults or add additional rules, you can create your own standard file (e.g. phpcs.ruleset.xml):

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<!-- Files or directories to check -->

	<!-- Include the Pantheon-WP ruleset -->
	<rule ref="Pantheon-WP" />

	<!-- Add additional rules here -->
	<rule ref="WordPress.WP.I18n">
			<property name="text_domain" value="my-plugin" />

You can then reference this file when running PHPCS:

vendor/bin/phpcs -s --standard=phpcs.ruleset.xml .

Included Checks

The Pantheon WP standard is based upon WordPress Coding Standards, VIP Coding Standards with some customizations based on Human Made's Coding Standards.