Project setup templates and Phing build tasks for Drupal projects.


This repository contains project setup templates and reusable phing build targets for Drupal projects.

Note: If you are starting a new a project, you may be looking for the drupal-skeleton.

Adding the-build with composer

$> composer require palantirnet/the-build

Setting up

Install the default templates and phing targets to your project:

$> vendor/bin/the-build-installer

This will trigger an interactive prompt to configure your basic build properties, adding the following templated files and directories:

  • .circleci/
  • .gitignore
  • .the-build/
  • behat.yml
  • build.xml
  • drush/drushrc.php
  • drush/*.aliases.drushrc.php
  • config/
  • (web|docroot)/sites/default/settings.php
  • (web|docroot)/sites/default/settings.(host).php

These files should be checked in to your project.

Configure your build by editing .the-build/build.yml. You can find more properties in defaults.yml, and override the defaults by copying them into your project's properties files.

Using the-build

Everyday commands

Reinstall the Drupal site from config:

$> vendor/bin/phing install

Rebuild the configuration, and the styleguide if it's available (run automatically when you call install):

$> vendor/bin/phing build

Run code reviews and tests:

$> vendor/bin/phing test

Other commands

View a list of other available targets with:

$> vendor/bin/phing -l

Additional documentation

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