An extension for the TYPO3 CMS which adds a backend module for monitoring the HTTP status code given out by sites.

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v1.0.5 2023-03-20 12:19 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-30 01:00:06 UTC



This extension allows you to keep track of the HTTP status returned by different websites.

A new module is added to the tools main module. Inside it, you can define sites, which are collections of URIs and addresses. Every URI (e.g. example.com) you define inside a site will have its status monitored, and every address that is part of the same site will be notified if a status changes.

You can also use the dropdown in the module header to view a list of the most recent logs, and filter them by status and creation date timespan using the filter form.


There are two values in the extension configuration under the settings module which you may want to change:

  • Maximum log age in seconds : Logs older than this are deleted by the httpmonitoring:deleteoldlogs command.
  • Default sender address: Status update emails are sent from this address.

The commands from the commands section should be set to automatically execute on the desired schedule via the scheduler backend module.


  • httpmonitoring:checkstatus : When this command is called, it will check the status of every saved URI. If some of them start returning error codes, or if some previously returned error codes but now return acceptable codes, every email address saved in the same site as the URI in question will be notified via an email.
  • httpmonitoring:deleteoldlogs : When this command is called, every log that is older than the 'maximumLogAge' extension configuration value will be deleted.