Provide integration with p-chess/chess library

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Run composer require p-chess/chess-bundle


Create a service that extends PChess\ChessBundle\HtmlOutput and implements required methods. You probably want to inject Symfony's router service here, and use it to return required URLs. Note that each route can be provided with an identifier for your game.

Create a configuration file, and use a content like the following:

# config/packages/chess.yaml
    output_service: App\YourOutputService

This is an example of how routes can be defined (using an "id" parameter as identifier):

# config/routes.yaml
    path: /{id}/move/{from}
    methods: GET
    controller: ... # your controller action

    path: /{id}
    methods: GET
    controller: ... # your controller action

    path: /{id}/promote/{from}/{to}
    methods: GET
    controller: ... # your controller action

    path: /{id}/move/{from}/{to}/{promotion}
    methods: GET
    controller: ... # your controller action
        promotion: ~


You can inject a service implementing \PChess\ChessBundle\ChessProviderInterface in your controller, then implement different actions, using provided \PChess\Chess\Chess object.

In your template, you can use Twig function chess_render(chess) to render the board. If you need to pass an identifier, use chess_render(chess, identifier) instead.

The main service you can use is \PChess\ChessBundle\SessionChessProvider. This service allows you to keep chess games in session, providing following methods:

  • getChess($identifier, $fen) to get main \PChess\Chess\Chess instance (as provided by interface)
  • restart($identifier) to restart the game
  • save($identifier) to save the game in session
  • reverse($identifier) to switch sides
  • getAllowedMoves($chess, $from) to get a list of currently allowed moves (optionally limited to $from square)

Using $identifier is not mandatory.


You can use provided _board.scss file to style the board:

@import '~@p-chess/chess-bundle/scss/board';

Don't forget to update your frontend files, using npm or yarn.

The final result should be something like this:

Persisting a Chess object

You can easily save a Chess object into Doctrine (or other kind of mapping libraries), using two fields/properties: fen, and history. The first one is a simple string. The second one can be a simple_array (for Doctrine), where you should put the result of Mover::getHistoryStrings() method. When retrieving an object, you should use fen and the result of Mover::getHistoryEntries() to build back your Chess object.