OXID eSales GraphQL module skeleton

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v2.0.1 2021-04-21 13:22 UTC

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What is this?

This skeleton will set you up with a

  • basic GraphQL module for OXID eShop
  • including a sane README.md
  • pre setup NamespaceMapper
  • simple example controller
  • nice developement experience

How to use

$ composer create-project oxid-esales/graphql-module-skeleton

This provides you with a basic GraphQL OXID module. To install this freshly created module into your OXID eShop you can:

$ composer config repositories.graphql path path-to-module/that-you-just-created
$ composer require my-vendor/my-package

Make sure that my-vendor/my-package matches the package name in the package composer.json.


GPLv3, see LICENSE file.