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Chinese to Pinyin translator for Laravel5 / Lumen based on overtrue/pinyin.

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composer require "overtrue/laravel-pinyin:~4.0"

For Laravel

(If you are using Laravel >= 5.5, the auto-discovery feature will handle these two steps for you.)

Add the following line to the section providers of config/app.php:

'providers' => [

as optional, you can use facade:

'aliases' => [
    'Pinyin' => Overtrue\LaravelPinyin\Facades\Pinyin::class,

For Lumen

Add the following line to bootstrap/app.php after // $app->withEloquent();

// $app->withEloquent();



you can get the instance of Overtrue\Pinyin\Pinyin from app container:

$pinyin = app('pinyin');
echo $pinyin->sentence('带着希望去旅行,比到达终点更美好');
// dài zhe xī wàng qù lǔ xíng, bǐ dào dá zhōng diǎn gèng měi hǎo

There are more convenient functions:

function method
pinyin() app('pinyin')->convert()
pinyin_abbr() app('pinyin')->abbr()
pinyin_permalink app('pinyin')->permalink()
pinyin_sentence app('pinyin')->sentence()
// ["dai", "zhe", "xi", "wang", "qu", "lv", "xing", "bi", "dao", "da", "zhong", "dian", "geng", "mei", "hao"]

// dzxwqlx

Using facade:

use Pinyin; // Facade class, NOT Overtrue\Pinyin\Pinyin

// ["dai", "zhe", "xi", "wang", "qu", "lv", "xing"]

echo Pinyin::sentence('带着希望去旅行,比到达终点更美好');
// dài zhe xī wàng qù lǔ xíng, bǐ dào dá zhōng diǎn gèng měi hǎo

About overtrue/pinyin specific configuration and use, refer to: overtrue/pinyin

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