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Provides a REST-like API for the Doctrine entities in a Symfony application.

v1.0 2014-02-21 15:12 UTC


The OutlandishRestBundle provides a REST-like API for the Doctrine entities in a Symfony application. It is highly opinionated and requires no configuration which makes it an excellent choice for rapid prototyping with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Ember and Backbone.


  • automatically generates routes
  • uses JMSSerializer bundle
  • uses Symfony validator component
  • serializes errors and exceptions
  • supports Doctrine associations
  • uses JSON only
  • pagination
  • simple data queries using FIQL
  • authentication can be added using the security component

For example if you have Acme\FooBundle\Entity\Bar then you can do the following:

GET /api/bar
// returns [{"id":1, ...}, {"id":2, ...}]

GET /api/bar/1
// returns {"id":1, ...}

POST /api/bar
{"foo":"baz", ...}
// returns {"id":3, "foo":"baz", ...}

PUT /api/bar/2
{"foo":"buzz", ...}
// returns {"id":2, "foo":"buzz", ...}

DELETE /api/bar/3
// returns nothing

GET /api/bar?id=gt=2&foo=baz
// returns [{"id":3, ...}]

GET /api/bar?per_page=2&offset=1
// returns [{"id":2, ...}, {"id":3, ...}]

GET /api/bar/0
// returns [{"message":"Entity not found"}]

POST and PUT requests expect JSON encoded entity data in the request body.

On error, a status code of 400, 404 or 500 is returned and the response body is an array of messages.


1. Add to composer.json

"require": {
    "outlandish/rest-bundle": "dev-master",

2. Run composer update

3. Add to AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        new Outlandish\RestBundle\OutlandishRestBundle(),

    return $bundles;

5. Edit app/config/routing.yml


	resource: .
	type: outlandish_rest
	prefix: /api