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OST KIT - PHP Wrapper for the OST KIT API

A PHP wrapper for the REST API of OST KIT which is currently under active development. This client implements version 0.9.2 of the OST KIT REST API.


A Branded Token economy must be setup first in order to use the API, see for more information.

How to install

composer require ostkitphpwrapper/ostkit:"dev-master"

How to use the client

Create the OST KIT client using your Branded Token economy's API key, API secret and API URL default

use Ostkit\Ostkit as Ostkit;

$ost = new Ostkit('YOUR-API-KEY', 'YOUR-API-SECRET');

/* USERS functions */
// Create a user named 'Ria'.
$response = $ost->userCreate('Luong');

// ... and rename 'Ria' to 'Fred'.
$response = $ost->userEdit($user['uuid'], 'Tinh');

// ... get info by id
$response = $ost->userRetrieve($user['uuid']); 

$response = $ost->userList(); // lists all users

/* AIRDROPS functions */

/* ACTIONS functions */

/* TRANSACTIONS functions */

/* TRANSFERS functions */

/* TOKEN functions */

To be continues...

How to run tests

In order to test the library:

Create a fork Clone the fork to your machine Install the depencies composer install Run the unit tests ./vendor/bin/phpunit tests