PSR-15 middleware dispatcher

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Simple (but powerful) PSR-15 middleware dispatcher:



use Middleland\Dispatcher;

$middleware = [
    new Middleware1(),
    new Middleware2(),
    new Middleware3(),

    // A dispatcher can be used to group middlewares
    new Dispatcher([
        new Middleware4(),
        new Middleware5(),

    // You can use closures
    function ($request, $next) {
        $response = $next->handle($request);
        return $response->withHeader('X-Foo', 'Bar');

    // Or use a string to create the middleware on demand using a PSR-11 container


    // This middleware is processed only in paths starting by "/admin"
    ['/admin', new MiddlewareAdmin()],

    // This is processed in DEV
    [ENV === 'DEV', new MiddlewareAdmin()],

    // Use callables to create other conditions
        function ($request) {
            return $request->getUri()->getScheme() === 'https';
        new MiddlewareHttps()

    // There are some matchers included in this library to create conditions
        new Pattern('*.png'),
        new MiddlewareForPngFiles()

    //And use several for each middleware
        ENV === 'DEV',
        new Pattern('*.png'),
        new MiddlewareForPngFilesInDev()

$dispatcher = new Dispatcher($middleware, new Container());

$response = $dispatcher->dispatch(new Request());


As you can see in the example above, you can use an array of "matchers" to filter the requests that receive middlewares. You can use callables, instances of Middleland\Matchers\MatcherInterface or booleans, but for comodity, the string values are also used to create Middleland\Matchers\Path instances. The available matchers are:

Name Description Example
Path Filter requests by base path. Use exclamation mark for negative matches new Path('/admin'), new Path('!/not-admin')
Pattern Filter requests by path pattern. Use exclamation mark for negative matches new Pattern('*.png') new Pattern('!*.jpg')
Accept Filter requests by Accept header. Use exclamation mark for negative matches new Accept('text/html') new Accept('!image/png')

How to create matchers

Just use a callable or an instance of the Middleland\Matchers\MatcherInterface. Example:

use Middleland\Matchers\MatcherInterface;
use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;

class IsAjax implements MatcherInterface
    public function __invoke(ServerRequestInterface $request): bool
    	return $request->getHeaderLine('X-Requested-With') === 'xmlhttprequest';

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