Packages from orno

  • orno/cache

    Caching component with multiple adapters


  • orno/config

    A package to DRY the storage and retrieval of config items and files. Supports YAML, INI, XML and PHP arrays.


  • orno/db

    A database abstraction library.


  • orno/di

    Orno\Di is a small but powerful dependency injection container with automatic resolution of dependencies.

    Abandoned! See league/container

  • orno/http

    A wrapper for Symfony\HttpFoundation with some encapsulation and convenience methods.

    Abandoned! See league/route

  • orno/loader

    An autoloader package that allows you to adhere to PSR-0 and PSR-4 standards with classmap autoloading thrown in.


  • orno/mvc

    A routing component that uses Orno\Di to route to fully configured dependency injected controllers.


  • orno/route

    Fast routing package combining Nikita Popov's FastRoute and Orno\Di to provide route dispatching to dependency injected controllers.

    Abandoned! See league/route