Offers support for interacting with different financial transaction processing platforms

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The Transactor provides payment processing functionality to any PHP 5.4+, 7.0+ project. This library contains dependencies on Symfony and supports both Symfony 2.3+ and 3.0+.

HHVM is loosely supported, but it has not been extensively tested. Please Report an Issue if you have any problems.

Supported payment processors:

  • Network Merchants credit card, ACH, and swiped transactions.
  • Authorize.Net credit card and ACH support.
  • Cash and check transactions for brick and mortar stores.
  • Points, useful as a means to keep track of account credit.


Install this project using Composer.

Add orkestra-transactor to your project by running composer require orkestra/transactor:~1.2, or by adding it to your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "orkestra/transactor": "~1.2"

Then run composer install or composer update.



  1. Create Credentials
  2. Create Account
  3. Create Transaction
  4. Process Transaction

1. Create Credentials

Credentials are used by a Transactor to authenticate with the remote system. Each transactor has specific fields that are necessary to allow processing of transactions.

You can use a given Transactor to create a default set of Credentials by calling $transactor->createCredentials().


use Orkestra\Transactor\Entity\Credentials;
use Orkestra\Transactor\Transactor\Generic\GenericTransactor;

$transactor = new GenericTransactor();

$creds = $transactor->createCredentials();
foreach ($creds->getCredentials() as $k => $v) {
    // Enumerate the default fields required by the transactor.

// Update credentials as necessary
$creds->setCredential('username', 'myuser');
$creds->setCredential('password', 'mypass');

Tip: You can inspect a Credentials entity and get its Transactor type, then pass that to the TransactorFactory to dynamically load the appropriate Transactor for a given Transaction.

2. Create Account

An Account is essentially a container of customer information. There are multiple types of Account entities, basically one type per Network type. Different Transactors support different networks. A Network is the method by which to process a transaction, such as Credt Card, ACH, or Cash.


use Orkestra\Transactor\Entity\Account;

// A credit card
$card = new Account\CardAccount();

// A bank account (used for ACH processing)
$account = new Account\BankAccount();

3. Create Transaction

A Transaction must provide the Transactor a proper Account and Credentials to allow the Transactor to process.


use Orkestra\Transactor\Entity\Transaction;

$transaction = new Transaction();
$transaction->setNetwork(new Transaction\NetworkType(Transaction\NetworkType::CASH));
$transaction->setType(new Transaction\TransactionType(Transaction\TransactionType::SALE));

4. Transact

Use the Transactor to actually process the Transaction.


$result = $transactor->transact($transaction);