Display clickable eMail-Adresses without being spamed


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This Zend-Framework-module allows creation of mailto-links using obfuscated eMail-addresses.

The provided eMail-Address will be obfuscated by simply reversing it. Using CSS the eMail-address will be perfectly readable in the default HTML-output but robots greping the site will simply see a 'reversed' eMail-address or some garbage.

By clicking on the link the reversed eMail-address will be send to a proxy that redirects the browser to a mailto-url containing the correct eMail-address.


The module is best installed using composer.

    composer require org_heigl/mailproxy


  1. In your application.conf-file add the Module to the list of modules like this:

        return [
            'modules' => [
  2. In your view-script you can then add the following code snippet to create a mailto-link to the address

    <?php echo $this->mailto('', 'Send me an Email', ['class' => 'myClass', 'title' => 'click me']);

The second parameter is optional and its content will be set as link-name (The stuff between the and ) If it's ommited the email-address will be given in a way that it's hard for bots to retrieve them in cleartext.

The third parameter is also optional. It can be an associative array with further attributes for the anchor-tag. If you want to set the third parameter but omit the second, pass ``null``` as second parameter.


This module runs on for by now 4 years and I didn't get any spam to the email-addresses that are displayed by the module.