Deploy WebApps to hosts you can not control completely

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Deployment-Module for ZF2

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This module helps you deploying a ZendFramework2-Application in a hosting environment where you do not have full control over the server.

You can trigger the deployment by calling a specific URL which then triggers download of your applications ZIP-file from a defined location, extracting that and finaly running a composer-update.

You can also define a pre-deployment hook as well as a post-deployment hook.

The pre-deployment hook can be used to set a static maintenance-page whereas the post-deployment hook can be used to remove a static page or to adapt your database-schemes.


Via composer

Add the following line to your composer.json file in the require-section:

'org_heigl/deploy' : 'dev-master'


To activate this module you will have to include it into your application-config like the following example:

return array(


After installing you will need to adapt some configuration-values. Therefore you should copy the file vendor/org_heigl/Deploy/config/module.org_heigl_deploy.local.php to config/autoload/module.org_heigl_deploy.local.php and adapt the values according to the comments in the file.

After doing so, you can trigger a deployment by calling

That's it.


Issues are tracked here at GitHub's issue tracker. There you can leave issues and feature-requests

And feel free to clone and send pull-requests.


The whole stuff is licensed under the MIT-License

I can only emphasize, that I can not be made responsible for anything that happens, when you use this module!!