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Laravel Orchid

For the full documentation, visit orchid.software.

Orchid is a free Laravel package that abstracts standard business logic and allows code-driven rapid application development of back-office applications, admin/user panels, and dashboards.

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Interesting Features

  • Rapid Application Development - Focus on PHP development and don't lose time with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Build application logic, not admin panels. Try the quick start guide and kick-start the application's development.

  • Form Builder - Prevent reinventing the wheel or forms. Orchid already supports many form elements "out of the box" and allows building all kinds of forms quickly.

  • Fast Loading Times - Enjoy an SPA like performance! Transitions can be made without reloading a page and require no additional code. Thanks to the Hotwire project, Orchid makes this a satisfying experience for both users and developers.

  • Access Permissions & Roles - Take advantage of granular access permissions, based on a user’s identity and corresponding role membership.

  • Filtering & Sorting - Offer users the ability to filter and sort data quickly! Orchid uses an Eloquent based filtering/sorting approach.

  • Fast Full-Text Search - Take advantage of the integrated Laravel Scout based full-text search, which allows searching through all available content and displaying search results almost instantly.

  • Multiple Notifications Types - Orchid offers various types of notifications and allows the application to keep users informed appropriately.


Continually striving to actively include feedback from the community in the development of Orchid greatly benefits its progress. Support from the community is invaluable when providing well-structured and detailed feedback.


Create issues to report problems or participate in discussions to ask questions, share ideas, and give opinions.

Telegram User Groups

Join the Global Community, Russian Community, or Spanish Community on Telegram.


Join the Discord server to chat with other Orchid users and the development team.

Support Orchid

Thanks to the support of backers πŸ™, Orchid is now available for both private and commercial purposes, free of charge. πŸŽ‰ Voluntary donations enable the team to allocate more time towards improving Orchid for the benefit of all users! πŸ‘


Orchid is covered by the MIT license. Check the license for further information.