Orchestra Platform Lumenate Installer

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Lumenate is an experimental project primarily intended for extending API functionality on Orchestra Platform by adding Lumen on the same codebase as your primary application.


First, install the Lumenate installer and make sure that the global Composer bin directory is within your system's $PATH:

composer global require "orchestra/lumenate=^0.4"

Next, create a new Orchestra Platform application and install Lumen:

composer create-project orchestra/platform application
cd application
lumenate install

After installing Lumen, you can also opt to add the base Lumen application skeleton under lumen folder, you can do this by running:

lumenate make

You can also choose to add new path to autoload to detect lumen/app using PSR-4 or use a single app directory.

    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "App\\Lumen\\": "lumen/app/",
            "App\\": "app/",
    "autoload-dev": {
        "classmap": [