PHP client for consuming the PBS Media Manager API.

v1.0.3 2020-05-12 21:47 UTC

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Last update: 2021-06-13 00:06:50 UTC


This library abstracts interactions with the PBS Media Manager API based on the Media Manager Core Data Model:

PBS Media Manager Core Data Model


Install via composer:

composer require openpublicmedia/pbs-media-manager-php


The primary class provided by this library is the OpenPublicMedia\PbsMediaManager\Client. A Client instance can be used to query the API in various ways based on the Core Data Model. The client requires an API key and secret, provided by PBS.

Response data structures

Responses from the Client class will return either a Generator in the case of plural getters (e.g. getFranchises, getShows, getSeasons, etc.) or an object for singular getters (e.g. getEpisode, getCollection, etc.). Search methods (e.g. searchShows, searchEpisodes, etc.) also return Generators.

In all cases, objects representing API data follow a standard structure with the following properties:

  • id: guid for the object.
  • type: string of the object type (e.g. "franchise", "show", "season", etc.).
  • links: links to related API endpoints for the object.
  • attributes: metadata about the object.


Creating a client

use OpenPublicMedia\PbsMediaManager\Client;

$api_key = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
$api_secret = 'xxxxxxxxxxx';

$client = new Client($api_key, $api_secret);

Getting all Franchises

$franchises = $client->getFranchises();

foreach ($franchises as $franchise) {
    class stdClass#45 (4) {
        public $links => class stdClass#40 (4) { ... }
        public $attributes => class stdClass#39 (18) { ... }
        public $type => string(9) "franchise"
        public $id => string(36) "e08bf78d-e6a3-44b9-b356-8753d01c7327"

Getting a single Episode

$episode = $client->getEpisode('08e7ee9c-800a-406f-86f0-bf0bb77fe42b');

class stdClass#80 (3) {
    public $attributes => class stdClass#38 (20) { ... }
    public $id => string(36) "08e7ee9c-800a-406f-86f0-bf0bb77fe42b"
    public $type => string(7) "episode"

Searching (Franchises, Shows, Specials, and Episodes)

$results = $client->searchEpisodes('Seattle');

foreach ($results as $result) {
    class stdClass#45 (4) {
        public $links => class stdClass#40 (4) { ... }
        public $attributes => class stdClass#39 (18) { ... }
        public $type => string(9) "episode"
        public $id => string(36) "bb053151-7d3f-42bd-ac69-d0c19f040b27"

Searching (Assets)

Assets have much more advanced search options that must be passed to the method directly as query parameters. The example below searches for all Assets beloning to a Show with "Mossback" in the Show title and both "Seattle" and "came" in the *Episode" title.

See Searching Assets for detailed documentation about available search filters.

$results = $client->searchAssets([
    'show-title' => 'Mossback',
    'episode-title' => ['Seattle', 'came'],


foreach ($results as $r) {
    print "{$r->id}\t{$r->attributes->title}\r\n";

4eb40f99-cd4f-4582-9e8a-1ef0a99b8293    When Camelot Came to the Seattle World's Fair
e96d66c4-aa8e-4a83-a060-bd712178ff6b    The Music Festival That Came Before Woodstock
884e4401-de5e-4423-8cab-1c611dd6e624    When Mark Twain Came to Seattle
73d7b2fe-111b-4318-8721-e93937bf22ea    When the ‘American Hitler’ Came to Washington

Handling exceptions

Most plural Client getters (e.g. Client::getShows) can throw OpenPublicMedia\PbsMediaManager\Exception\BadRequestException. This exception will include a JSON encoded message that can be used to determine follow-up actions. Singular getters (e.g. Client::getShow) will generally return null for invalid IDs.

try {
    $shows = $client->getShows(['page' => 100000]);
} catch (BadRequestException $e) {
    $message = json_decode($e->getMessage());
    class stdClass#17 (1) {
      public $detail =>
      string(13) "Invalid page."

Development goals

See CONTRIBUTING for information about contributing to this project.


  • API authentication (OpenPublicMedia\PbsMediaManager\Client)
  • API direct querying ($client->request())
  • Result/error handling
  • GET wrappers for core data objects ($client->getXXX())
  • Transparent paged response handling (OpenPublicMedia\PbsMediaManager\Response\PagesResponse)


  • PUT/PATCH/POST support on relevant endpoints
  • DELETE support on relevant endpoints


  • Entities for core data objects
  • Advanced Asset availability handling
  • Advanced Changelog endpoint operations
  • Chainable query argument building (mostly for Asset search)