Logging functions, also handles CLI output

0.0.10 2013-04-09 21:23 UTC


Logging functions; also handles CLI output

The logger will automatically open and close its log file without any extra setup by the user


dolog('This is an info message');
dolog('This is an ERROR',LOG_ERROR);
dolog('This is a warning',LOG_WARN);


The log package ships with the following configuration

$config['log']['level'] = LOG_INFO;
$config['log']['file'] = false;
$config['log']['format'] = '[%s] %s - %s'; //%s - date %s - level %s - message
$config['log']['date_format'] = 'm/d/Y g:i:sA';
  • $config['log']['level'] The level to log at, if a message is higher than the level it will be discarded
  • $config['log']['file'] The file to log to, this must be writable by the PHP program
  • $config['log']['format'] A sprintf style format of the log message
  • %s Log level
  • %s Date of the message
  • %s The actual message
  • $config['log']['date_format'] A date format compatible with PHP's date() function


(int bool) dolog($msg,$level=LOG_INFO)

This will log the desired message at the desired level to the configured log file.

  • $msg The message to be logged
  • $level The level to be logged
  • LOG_ERROR Error message
  • LOG_WARN Warning message
  • LOG_NOTICE Notice message
  • LOG_INFO Informational message
  • LOG_DEBUG Debugging information