0.0.15 2013-04-09 06:03 UTC


The OpenLSS boostrapper



Optionally you can predefine root path and a group root


What it does

  • By just loading the file
  • Sets all PHP errors to be exceptions
  • Sets up a default exception handler to print friendlier error messages than PHP does by default for uncaught exceptions
  • Sets the default timezone to UTC
  • Sets the ROOT constant if not already defined
  • By calling the __boot() function
  • Calls __boot_pre()
  • Calls __boot_post()
  • By calling __boot_pre()
  • Loads all the dynamic config files and user overrides
  • Sets the timezone from the config
  • By calling __boot_post()
  • Dynamically loads all module init code
  • Loads the Composer autoload file (which will init composer modules and enable autoloading)


The bootstrapper gives several low level functions to be used for loading the LSS environment

(void) __boot()

Boots up the environment

(void) __boot_pre()

See above for details

(void) __boot_post()

See above for details

(bool) __init_load_files($dir_path,$callback=false,$callback_params=array(),$recurse=true)

Loads all PHP files from a given directory either by just including them or passing them to a callback

  • $dir_path The path to load files from
  • $callback A function to be called with the path to each file for custom loading
  • $callback_params An array of parameters to be passed to the callback in addition to the location of the file
  • $recurse When set to TRUE will recurse into lower directories and load all files

(void) __e($err=array())

Loads error codes

  • Array should be in the following format
  • EG: 1001 => 'E_USER_INVALID' NOTE: Will throw a PHP E_NOTICE if there is a code or constant conflict