0.0.8 2013-04-07 02:54 UTC



//Format bytes into an arbitrary divisor
echo format_bytes(1048576); //1MB

//Create list friendly IP's
echo format_ip(''); //  1.  2.  3.  4


(string) format_bytes($val,$force=null,$suf='B')

  • $val The byte integer to be formatted
  • $force Instead of auto-selected a divisor force one
    • '' (blank) force bytes
    • k force kilobytes
    • m force megabytes
    • g force gigabytes
    • t force terabytes
    • p force petabytes
  • $suf The suffix to be added example 'B' yields 100MB if blank 100M

(string) format_ip($ip='',$padding='',$web=false)

  • $ip The IP address to be formatted in octect format
  • $padding Padding to use between IPs
  • $web When TRUE will change spaces to