This module updates the store code path in url with the country code or a custom value.

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This module allows to override the store code in url with another path value.


Magento 2 Open Source or Commerce edition is required.

Composer installation

Run the following composer command:

composer require opengento/module-store-path-url

Setup the module

Run the following magento command:

bin/magento setup:upgrade

If you are in production mode, do not forget to recompile and redeploy the static resources.


The module allows to replace the store code in url with the following options:

  • Country Code, e.g: be
  • Language Code, e.g: fr
  • Locale Code (separated with a hyphen), e.g: fr-be
  • Locale Code (separated with an underscore), e.g: fr_be
  • Custom (you can setup the path of your choice), e.g: emea

This module also allows you to remove the store path in the url for websites with a single store view. This may be useful for stores with dedicated domains. This setting is automatically enabled if you choose to use the custom mapper. However, if a single store exists for a website, and a path is setup within the mapper, the path is not unset, meaning that the path configured in the mapper is used.

Besides that, this module makes the usage of the MAGE_RUN_TYPE and MAGE_RUN_CODE variables optionals. Magento is going to be able to resolve the correct store based on its base web URL. This setting can be disabled, see "Use Base Url Resolver".


The configuration for this module is available in Stores > Configuration > Web > Url.


In order to use this module, you must enable the following setting: "Add Store Code to Urls" (web/url/use_store).
A new field is added in the configuration: "Store Path Url" and "Custom Path Mapper" if the "custom" value is selected.
The store path config are:

  • web/url/store_path_url
  • web/url/custom_path_mapper
  • unset_single_store_path
  • base_url_resolver


Raise a new request to the issue tracker.


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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE details.

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