Development dependencies and Drupal core patches needed by OpenEuropa components.


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openeuropa/drupal-core-require-dev provides the require-dev dependencies of drupal/core as a standalone package. It follows the same release cycle and versioning scheme as Drupal core. You should use the same version constraint for it as you use for Drupal core.

It applies some patches on drupal/core that are needed for development on OPENEUROPA modules.

Patches list

  • Patch for issue #2943172 - Directories can't be ignored when collecting extensions during PHPUnit tests. Symlinks inside the Drupal testing instance result in infinite loops.
  • Patch for issue #2571475 - Outbound HTTP requests fail with KernelTestBase (TNG).


Drupal Core 8.7.x

composer require --dev openeuropa/drupal-core-require-dev ~8.7

Installation using Docker Compose

The setup procedure can be simplified by using Docker Compose.


The default docker-compose.yml file should be enough to set the project up.


$ docker-compose up -d

You can make any alterations you need for your local Docker setup, creating a new file docker-compose.local.yml with the alterations.


$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.local.yml up -d


$ docker-compose exec web composer install