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Amos Core

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Last update: 2024-05-29 09:50:37 UTC


Amos core

using the loader (SpinnerWaitAsset)

in the view insert che code below

 <div class="loading" id="loader" hidden></div>

use the two javascript functions below where you need it


Platform params


Hide the setting gear in the navbar, If you want to hide the link for all

      'hideSettings' => true,

if you want to hide the link for some users

      'hideSettings' => [
          'roles' => ['ROLE1', 'ROLE2']

if you want to export only the element visualized in the grid

      'disableExportAll' => true

Widget share social

Add in backend/config/components-others

        'socialShare' => [
            'class' => \open20\amos\core\components\ConfiguratorSocialShare::class,
  • mode - string, default = SocialShareWidget::NORMAL, the otther mode is SocialShareWidget::DROPDOWN

example of usage:

         <?= \open20\amos\core\forms\editors\socialShareWidget\SocialShareWidget::widget([
                'configuratorId' => 'socialShare',
                'model' => $model,
                'url'           => \yii\helpers\Url::to(\Yii::$app->params['platform']['backendUrl'].'/news/news/view?id='.$model->id, true),
                'title'         => $model->title,
                'description'   => $model->descrizione_breve,
//                'imageUrl'      => \yii\helpers\Url::to('absolute/route/to/image.png', true),

            ]); ?>

Custom the Frontend View Url

  • Implement the interface CustomUrlModelInterface
  • Add in common/config/params
        'urlFrontend' => [
                'NewsModel' => '/news/news/{Id}/{Slug}',

Platform Parameters

  • enablePageCache - boolean; If the params is true enable the page cache