Elasticsearch DSL library

v7.2.2 2021-04-27 10:58 UTC


Introducing Elasticsearch DSL library to provide objective query builder for Elasticsearch bundle and elasticsearch-php client. You can easily build any Elasticsearch query and transform it to an array.

If you need any help, stack overflow is the preferred and recommended way to ask ONGR support questions.

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Version matrix

Elasticsearch version ElasticsearchDSL version
>= 7.0 >= 7.0
>= 6.0, < 7.0 >= 6.0
>= 5.0, < 6.0 >= 5.0
>= 2.0, < 5.0 >= 2.0 (not supported)
>= 1.0, < 2.0 1.x (not supported)
<= 0.90.x not supported


The online documentation of the bundle is here

Try it!


Install library with composer:

$ composer require ongr/elasticsearch-dsl

elasticsearch-php client is defined in the composer requirements, no need to install it.


Elasticsearch DSL was extracted from Elasticsearch Bundle to provide standalone query dsl for elasticsearch-php. Examples how to use it together with Elasticsearch Bundle can be found in the Elasticsearch Bundle docs.

If you dont want to use Symfony or Elasticsearch bundle, no worries, you can use it in any project together with elasticsearch-php. Here's the example:

If you are using Symfony there is also the ElasticsearchBundle which provides full integration with Elasticsearch DSL.

The library is standalone and is not coupled with any framework. You can use it in any PHP project, the only requirement is composer. Here's the example:

Create search:

  require 'vendor/autoload.php'; //Composer autoload

  $client = ClientBuilder::create()->build(); //elasticsearch-php client
  $matchAll = new ONGR\ElasticsearchDSL\Query\MatchAllQuery();
  $search = new ONGR\ElasticsearchDSL\Search();
  $params = [
    'index' => 'your_index',
    'body' => $search->toArray(),
  $results = $client->search($params);

Elasticsearch DSL covers every elasticsearch query, all examples can be found in the documentation