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This is the POS Module for onePlace Software Framework based on Laminas Project (former Zend Framework)

Create your own Point of Sale - based on onePlace !

This Module is for a local oneplace installation on the POS itself.

We use Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with Touchscreen as a Hardware Basis

Needs a second onePlace Installation (Server) to communicate with - normally, thats the online store.

POS Module

This pos module is a starting point for your own onePlace modules. It expands on oneplace-core and uses the onePlace / Laminas MVC layer and module systems.


The easiest way to install onePlace POS is via composer

composer require oneplace/oneplace-pos

./node_modules/yarn/bin/yarn add bootstrap4-toggle



Getting started

how to utilize user manager

how to create own modules


Documentation will be extended soon.