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This is the Book Module for onePlace Software Framework based on Laminas Project (former Zend Framework)

This modul is based on oneplace-skeleton with a few modification to extend its functionality.

In the /data folder you will find usefull custom sql scripts for adding all sorts of additional fields for this specific Book module.

Book Module

This book module is a starting point for your own onePlace modules. It expands on oneplace-core and uses the onePlace / Laminas MVC layer and module systems.


The easiest way to install onePlace Book is via composer

composer require oneplace/oneplace-book

After installation you can apply a custom sql config.

You simply copy the SQL Code from structure_example_simnple.sql and data_example_simnple.sql and run ist on your database. We also prepared a extended version of a custom SQL config for a better demonstaration of its capability.

Getting started

how to utilize user manager

how to create own modules


Documentation will be extended soon.