This package is not installable via Composer 1.x, please make sure you upgrade to Composer 2+. Read more about our Composer 1.x deprecation policy.

Standalone CLI command to detect continuous integration environment and provide unified access to properties of current build

3.4.0 2020-05-21 21:34 UTC


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Standalone CLI command wrapper for ci-detector PHP library.

It is used to detect continuous integration environment and to provide a unified interface to read the build information. You can use the command to make your scripts (and especially CLI tools) portable for multiple build environments.

The detection is based on environment variables injected to the build environment by continuous integration server. However, these variables are named differently in each CI. This command is based on lightweight ci-detector PHP library, which provides adapter for each supported CI server.

If you need the detection inside PHP script (so you don't need the CLI command), you can just use directly the ci-detector library.

Releases are matched to the versions of the parent ci-detector library. See changelog there for the list of the latest changes.


$ ./ci-detector.phar # return status code 0 if CI detected, 1 otherwise
$ echo $? # to print status code of previous command

$ ./ci-detector.phar detect ci-name
Travis CI

$ ./ci-detector.phar detect build-number

$ ./ci-detector.phar detect build-url

$ ./ci-detector.phar detect branch

$ ./ci-detector.phar detect commit

$ ./ci-detector.phar detect repository-url # Not supported on Travis CI, will print empty string

$ ./ci-detector.phar detect is-pull-request

$ ./ci-detector.phar detect branch

See method reference for a documentation of each property.

Dump all available properties

dump command will show all properties detected in current environment by ci-detector:

$ ./ci-detector.phar dump
| Property name   | Current value                                                 |
| ci-name         | Travis CI                                                     |
| build-number    | 164.1                                                         |
| build-url       | https://travis-ci.org/OndraM/ci-detector-standalone/jobs/1337 |
| commit          | 9b232f6813915ddb1f226de93366cb924c72e400                      |
| branch          | feature/dump-command                                          |
| target-branch   | main                                                          |
| repository-name | ondram/ci-detector                                            |
| repository-url  | ssh://git@gitserver:7999/project/repo.git                     |
| is-pull-request | Yes                                                           |

This is basically a table with output of describe() method of CiInterface (see method reference).


Install as a standalone PHAR file

CI Detector could be installed as a standalone executable PHAR file (ci-detector.phar). Download latest version from Releases page.

To run CI Detector use command ./ci-detector.phar in the directory where you saved the file (or php ci-detector.phar if the file itself is not executable).

Install using Composer

$ composer require ondram/ci-detector-standalone

To run CI Detector use command vendor/bin/ci-detector.

If you need the detection inside PHP script (and you don't need the CLI command), you can just use directly the lightweight ci-detector library.