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kirby3 plugin to provide field methods to generate author bylines

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Requirement: Kirby 3.0

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This is a plugin for kirby3 that provides field methods to make generating a byline very easy. Multiple authors are turned into a (comma-separated-and) list, author names can link to their website or whatever, and localization is provided.

  • It can cope with a field that either contains a single author or a structured (yaml) list of one or more authors.
  • When generating the byline, it adds separators (typically a comma) and a coordinator between the last entries (typically an "and") which are localized for fr, de, el, es, it, nl, sv and zh.
  • Can prefix the byline with "By", which is similarly localized.
  • For an author, can wrap their name as a links to their website, twitter handle, or instagram (as set on their user page if the appropriate fields are available, viz., respectively website, twitter, instagram).
  • Provides a default attribution (Staff Writer) if the author field is empty; c.f. author in config.php.


Install as per usual into your kirby 3 site.

For composer-based sites it can be installed from packagist.



In your site's site/config/config.php the following entries prefixed with omz13.byline. can be used:

  • author - optional - string - default 'Staff Writer' - the name to be used when the author is unknown.



This plugin provides a field method called byline that should be passed a field that contains the author or authors; the field passed can be either a simple field or a structured field and it will automaticlly cope with either.

When there are multiple authors it will return a comma-separated-and list of the authors' names.

For a single author, it will return the author's name.

If the author's details are missing, it will return "Staff Writer" (or whatever has been specified by the configuration option author).

This field method is intended for use in a blueprint, for example:

info: "{{ }} - {{'Y-m-d') }}"


This field method is similar to the byline field method except that each authors' name is 'wrapped' in an html link to their (in order of preference) website, twitter, or instagram (as determined by website, twitter, or instagram fields in a user's blueprint).

The bylineLinked field method is intended for use in a template or a snippet:

<?= $page->author()->bylineLinked() ?>

For example, for the Kirby starterkit, you would change in snippets/article the lines:

<?php if ($author = $article->author()->toUser()): ?>
<p class="article-author">By <?= $author->name() ?></p>
<?php endif ?>


<p class="article-author">by <?= $article->author()->bylineLinked() ?></p>


This is identical to byline, but the result is prefixed with "By" (or its l10n).


This is identical to bylineLinked, but the result is prefixed with "By" (or its l10n).


<p class="article-author"><?= $article->author()->bylineByLinked() ?></p>


This plugin is provided "as is" with no guarantee. Use it at your own risk and always test it yourself before using it in a production environment. If you find any issues, please create a new issue.