This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

kirby3 plugin to provide a tag (badge) to make badges

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Requirement: Kirby 3

Coffee, Beer, etc.

This plugin is free. However, to show your support, especially if using it in a commercial project, you are welcome (greatly encouraged) to:



For a Kirby3-powered site, this plugin (omz13/badges) provides a KirbyTag (called badge) that allows badges to be rendered in a page.

  • This plugin is a convenience wrapper around PHP Badges Library.
  • No configuration is really necessary as it comes with sensible defaults.
  • The render style can be specified in the configuration file and overridden on a per tag basis.
  • The color for the value can be specified in the configuration file and overridden on a per tag basis.
  • There are sensible defaults if you forget to provide the necessary key and/or value data in a tag.
  • The badge is rendered locally, provided as a SVG image, and wrapped in a <div> with an optional class.


The non-binding list of further features and implementation notes are:

  • Page-level function
  • Put a joke or two into README
  • Use the word epistemological in README to confuse everybody (except people who do or have done philosophy or art history).


Pick one of the following per your epistemological model:

  • composer require omz13/kirby3-badges; the plugin will automagically appear in site/plugins.
  • Download a zip of the latest release - - and copy the contents to your site/plugins/kirby3-badges.
  • git submodule add site/plugins/kirby3-badges.

For the record: installation by composer is cool; supporting installation by zip and submodule was an absolute pain, especially as I am an installation by composer person, so do feel guilted into getting me Coffee, Beer, etc., because this is for your benefit and not mine (and yes, I would have have preferred to spend my time somewhere warm and sunny instead of being hunched over a keyboard while the snow falls outside and the thermometer shows no inclination to get above 0C).


The following mechanisms can be used to modify the plugin's behavior.

via config.php

In your site's site/config/config.php the following entries prefixed with omz13.badges. can be used:

  • style - optional - the name of the rendering style to apply.

    Possible values are:

    • flat (default if not specified)
    • flat-square
    • plastic
  • color - optional - the name or RGBHEX value to be used for the badge's name.

    If not specified, 428F7E is assumed.

  • class - optional - the code for the badge will be wrapped in a <DIV> with a classname specified here.

    If not specified, the <DIV> wrapper has no class.

For example:


return [
  '' => 'plastic',
  'omz13.badges.class' => 'badge',


"(badge:" key value [ color [ "style:"style ] ] ")"

When writing content, this plugin provide a new tag, badge, which has two mandatory parameters that specify the key and value for the badge; an optional third parameter specifies the color for the value, either as a named color (e.g. red) or a RGBhex (e.g. 428F7E).

An optional attribute of style can be used to override the default style (c.f. style in Configuration).

Parameters can be separated by spaces ( ), commas (,), or semicolons (;).

If key is not supplied, then ??? will be used.

If value is not supplied, then ??? will be used.


Use the (implicit) style from the configuration, or explictly set:

  - (badge: style, implicit - from configuration)
  - (badge: style, explicit flat style:flat)
  - (badge: style, explicit plastic style:plastic)
  - (badge: style, explicit flat-square style:flat-square)


Applying some color:

- (badge: copyright ; public domain ; green  )
- (badge: stability: unstable orange)
- (badge: licence MIT)
- (badge: statis YES yellow)


Missing key and/or value:

- (badge:)
- (badge: wibble)



This plugin is provided "as is" with no guarantee. Use it at your own risk and always test it yourself before using it in a production environment. If you find any issues, please create a new issue.



You are prohibited from using this plugin in any project that promotes racism, sexism, homophobia, animal abuse, violence or any other form of hate speech.