NIBE Uplink OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client

v1.1 2021-11-17 07:30 UTC

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This package provides NIBE Uplink OAuth 2.0 support for the PHP League's OAuth 2.0 Client.


To install, use composer:

composer require olssonm/oauth2-nibe


Usage is the same as The League's OAuth client, using Olssonm\OAuth2\Client\Provider\Nibe as the provider.

Authorization Code Flow

$provider = new Olssonm\OAuth2\Client\Provider\Nibe([
    'clientId'          => 'XXXXXX',
    'clientSecret'      => 'XXXXXX',
    'redirectUri'       => 'https://my.example.com/your-redirect-url/'

For further usage of this package please refer to the core package documentation on "Authorization Code Grant".

Resource owner information

NIBE does not support access to any personal information of the authorizing resource owner. As such, this package does not support the getResourceOwner method documented in the core package.

This package will throw a Olssonm\OAuth2\Client\Provider\Exception\ResourceOwnerException exception if you attempt to use this method.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

© 2021 Marcus Olsson.