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Simple package where you can extract all the parts of an email address. Among the use cases is the retrieval of the actual delivery-address for a subaddress (i.e. "plus addressing", "tagged addressing" etc.).

Available is also an email address builder to construct an address based on parts – as well as a simple validator (using egulias/email-validator.)

Note: Currently only subaddresses with + is supported, which is used by a vast majority of e-mail providers that support subaddressing.


This package requires PHP 8.1 or newer.


composer require olssonm/email-address



use Olssonm\EmailAddress\EmailAddress;

// Returns a `Olssonm\EmailAddress\Entity\EmailAddress`-instance
$email = EmailAddress::parse('test+tag@example.com');

echo $email->address;
// test+tag@example.com

echo $email->local;
// test+tag

echo $email->delivery;
// test

echo $email->tag;
// tag

echo $email->domain;
// example.com


use Olssonm\EmailAddress\EmailAddress;

// Returns a `Olssonm\EmailAddress\Entity\EmailAddress`-instance via `get()`
$email = EmailAddress::build()

echo $email->address;
// test@example.com

A clever usage of the builder is the ability to change and/or remove the subaddressing-part:

$email = EmailAddress::build()

echo $email->address;
// test@example.com
$email = EmailAddress::build()

echo $email->address;
// test+mytag@example.com

Note, the address()-method for the builder uses the parser – i.e. an exception may be thrown if the address is invalid.


use Olssonm\EmailAddress\EmailAddress;

// true


If an invalid e-mail address is parsed, an Olssonm\EmailAddress\Exceptions\InvalidEmailAddressException will be thrown. A good idea is to validate the e-mail address before parsing it.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see the LICENSE for more information.

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