This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

TYPO3 extension that contains the basics of a site which Oliver Klee uses for developing in TYPO3.

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v4.0.0 2022-06-01 15:25 UTC

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⚠️ This extension has been integrated into my Testing distribution. Hence, this repository here is no longer maintained.

This is a TYPO3 extension that contains the basics of a site which I use for developing in TYPO3. It helps to create a working site with navigation and nice CSS extremely quickly.

In addition, minification and concatenation of JavaScript and CSS is disabled, making debugging less of a pain.


This package should only be installed via Composer, not from the TER.

Installing the package via Composer

Require the package "oliverklee/typo3-devsite".

Within the TYPO3 back end

  1. Uninstall the extension css_styled_content (if it is installed).
  2. Install the extension fluid_styled_content (provided by the Core).
  3. In your TypoScript template, include the following static templates:
    • Content Elements (fluid_styled content)
    • Content Elements CSS (optional) (fluid_styled content)
    • TYPO3 development site (typo3-devsite)


There's a small favicon.ico in Resources/Public/Icons/ for copying to your site root.