CSV-to-OpenImmo converter

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CSV-to-OpenImmo converter

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This TYPO3 extension provides a Scheduler task that reads zipped CSV files (created using Wodis Sigma) from a configured folder and writes zipped OpenImmo files to another configured folder. The task will also copy all image files and PDF from the ZIPs.

Data format

You can find the CSV column definitions in the CSV Reader source code file.

The functional tests also include an example CSV file.

The task will also automatically convert from ISO-9959-1 to UTF-8.

This converter will automatically mark all converted objects as "for rent". Hence, it will not be able to convert objects that are for sale.

Installing the extension

If you install the extension manually (not from the TER and not using Composer), please make sure to name the extension directory csv_to_openimmo, not ext-csv_to_openimmo.


The following OpenImmo fields currently are not imported:

  • "vermarktungsart" (will always be "MIETE_PACHT")
  • other image types than JPEG
  • the type of transfer ("uebertragung > umfang", will always be "VOLL")


Development has been sponsored by ART-KON-TOR Kommunikation GmbH.