Admin panel generator for Laravel 8 and based on Vuetify Admin, a separate SPA admin framework running on top of REST APIs.

v0.5.3 2020-10-11 10:50 UTC


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Admin Crud resource builder for Laravel 8, from backend API to UI with help of Vuetify Admin, a 100% SPA separated Vue CLI admin panel builder based on Vuetify.

See full documentation
Check online demo -> go to admin and use pre-filled login (read only)



From this package

  • On-asking installer for quick start by optional packages selection, including associated Vue CLI admin project !
  • Many optional dev packages proposed by the installer as IDE Helper, PHP CS Fixer with Laravel preset, Clockwork, Dump Server, Laracasts Generators.
  • Laravel Fortify for frontend agnostic authentication.
  • Laravel Sanctum for admin SPA auth.
  • Laravel elFinder for direct disk file management with Wysiwyg bridges.
  • Removable image upload controller compatible with TinyMCE 5.
  • Media support thanks to spatie/laravel-medialibrary.
  • Translatable model support thanks to spatie/laravel-translatable.
  • Simple account controller for profile editing and password change.
  • User impersonation with dedicated middleware.
  • Quick resource api generator commands including direct YAML descriptor file !
  • Pre-configured docker files included with ready to use MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Nginx and Redis !

From Vuetify Admin

See dedicated readme of Vuetify Admin repo for full listing.


Use laravel new my-laravel-admin-app to initialize a new Laravel 8 project then :

composer require okami101/laravel-admin
php artisan admin:install

See dedicated guide for full showcase.


Documentation for Vuetify Admin can be found on the Okami101 website.


This project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.