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🔙 This is the documentation for the API v2. You can find the package for the API v1 here.

Documentation, Installation, and Usage Instructions

See the documentation for detailed installation and usage instructions.

composer require offline-agency/laravel-fatture-in-cloud-v2

What It Does

This package provides a simple Laravel integration with Fatture in Cloud APIs v2. Let's see some example:

$issued_documents = new \OfflineAgency\LaravelFattureInCloudV2\Api\IssuedDocument();
$issued_document_list = $issued_document->list('invoice', [
    'per_page' => 50

// return an array of invoices 

// return pagination fields like page, per_page...

// return single product's fields
$product = new \OfflineAgency\LaravelFattureInCloudV2\Api\Product();
$product_detail = $product->detail($product_id);



This package provide all() method that allow you to get an array of all results without pagination. It's implemented for all endpoint that provide a list method with pagination. Let's see an example:

$issued_documents = new \OfflineAgency\LaravelFattureInCloudV2\Api\IssuedDocument();
$issued_document_list = $issued_documents->all('invoice');


This package provides a pagination system that allow you to move between pages using simple methods:

$issued_documents = new \OfflineAgency\LaravelFattureInCloudV2\Api\IssuedDocument();
$issued_document_list = $issued_documents->list('invoice');

// check if the response has more than one page

// check if the document has a next page

// check if the document has a previous page

// return documents of the next page

// return documents of the previous page

// return documents of the first page

// return documents of the last page


This package provides bin() method for deleted issued documents that allow you to get its detail. This is very useful, for example, when you convert a proforma into an invoice (deleting the proforma) and you need old document's detail. Let's see an example:

$issued_documents = new \OfflineAgency\LaravelFattureInCloudV2\Api\IssuedDocument();
$response = $issued_documents->bin($document_id);

Rate limit HOT

This package provides a method to intercept throttle errors (403, 429) and automatically retry. You can specify limits on your config, remember to use milliseconds to indicate time:

'limits' => [
    'default' => 300000,
    '403' => 300000,
    '429' => 3600000,

API coverage

We are currently work on this package to implement all endpoints. Enable notifications to be notified when new API are released.

✅ User

✅ Companies

✅ Clients

✅ Suppliers

✅ Products

✅ Issued Documents

🔜 Issued e-invoices

❌ Received Documents

✅ Receipts

❌ Taxes

❌ Archive

❌ Cashbook

🔜 Info

❌ Settings


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