Bundle for Symfony to generate blog content.

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This Bundle add blog capabilities to your Symfony project. It is admin agnostic, so you need to integrate on your preferred admin system.


With this bundle you will get some models to manage a blog on your proyect. Also it comes with a Sylius Resource and Sylius Grid integrations.

Also this bundle uses the FOSCKEditorBundle. Follow the official instructions to install it properly.


  1. Run composer require odiseoteam/blog-bundle.

  2. Add the plugin to the AppKernel but add it before SyliusResourceBundle. To do that you need change the registerBundles. This bundle uses the FOSCKEditorBundle so you need add it to the kernel too.

public function registerBundles(): array
    $preResourceBundles = [
        new \Odiseo\BlogBundle\OdiseoBlogBundle(),

    $bundles = [
        new \Sylius\Bundle\ResourceBundle\SyliusResourceBundle(),
        new \FOS\CKEditorBundle\FOSCKEditorBundle(),

    return array_merge($preResourceBundles, parent::registerBundles(), $bundles);
  1. Import the configurations on your config.yml:
    - { resource: "@OdiseoBlogBundle/Resources/config/config.yml" }
  1. Import the routes:
    prefix: /blog
    resource: "@OdiseoBlogBundle/Resources/config/routing/main.yml"
  1. Finish the installation updatating the database schema and installing assets:
php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force


Available routes

Article comment create

You can use this partial route to embed the comment form:

{{ render(url('odiseo_blog_partial_comment_create', {'slug': article.slug, 'template': 'Main/Blog/_comment_create.html.twig'})) }}

Test the bundle

You can follow the instructions to test this bundle in the proper documentation page: Test the bundle.


This plugin is maintained by Odiseo, a team of senior developers. Contact us: team@odiseo.com.ar.