extension to manage key-value outcomes in TAO


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Extension implements an Alternative Result storage results interface using persistencies.

Installation instructions

These instructions assume that you have already a TAO installation on your system. If you don't, go to package/tao and follow the installation instructions.

If you installed your TAO instance through package/tao, oat-sa/extension-tao-outcomekeyvalue is very likely already installed. You can verify this under Settings -> Extension manager, where it would appear on the left hand side as taoAltResultStorage. Alternatively you would find it in the code at /config/generis/installation.conf.php.

Note, that you have to be logged in as System Administrator to do this.

Add the extension to your TAO composer and to the autoloader:

composer require oat-sa/extension-tao-outcomekeyvalue

Install the extension on the CLI from the project root:


sudo php tao/scripts/installExtension oat-sa/extension-tao-outcomekeyvalue


php tao\scripts\installExtension oat-sa/extension-tao-outcomekeyvalue

As a system administrator you also install it through the TAO Extension Manager:

  • Settings (the gears on the right hand side of the menu) -> Extension manager
  • Select taoAltResultStorage on the right hand side, check the box and hit install

Configuration options


Configuration option persistence_id

Description : contains the result storage persistence identifier.

Possible values of the persistence_id key:

  • a string value, equals to keyValueResult.

Extension Wiki

You can find the extension wiki here.