extension that allows admin to give access to some resources to other people

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Simple Data Access Control


Simple Data Access Control allows the restriction of which user can access which resources, in the way compatible with Advanced Search.

Access Privileges are granted either to users directly or to roles, applying to all users who have that specific role.

Privileges are given per resource, so that in order to remove the write access to all items within a class, the new access rights need to be applied recursively to all resources by checking "recursive" before saving the changes.

Privileges are additive, meaning that if:

  • Role A has write and read access to Item 1
  • User X has read access to Item 1
  • And User X has the Role A

Then User X he will have read and write access to Item 1

How to enable ACL management

In order to see the Access control button on the backoffice panel a few changes are necessary.

Enable this in the actions

Change the actions/structures.xml file by adding the attribute allowClassActions="true" in the actions node:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
                <trees><!-- Something here --></trees>
                <actions allowClassActions="true">
                    <action><!-- Something here --></action>

Enable ACL in an endpoint

Add the annotation requiresRight with proper field and grant level to check permissions:

class MyController extends tao_actions_SaSModule
     * @requiresRight id READ
    public function editInstance()

Checking ACL internally (without annotations) in the endpoint

If extending tao_actions_RdfController we can use the method hasWriteAccess:

class MyController extends tao_actions_SaSModule
    public function editItem()
        $item = $this->getCurrentInstance();
        if ($this->hasWriteAccess($item->getUri())) {
            // Do something

Or we can use the DataAccessControl implementation directly:

$user = $this->getSession()->getUser();
$item = $this->getCurrentInstance();
$dataAccessControl = new \oat\tao\model\accessControl\data\DataAccessControl();

$canWrite = $dataAccessControl->hasPrivileges($user, [$item->getUri() => 'WRITE']);
$canRead = $dataAccessControl->hasPrivileges($user, [$item->getUri() => 'READ']);

Permissions save strategies

Currently, we have the following saving/propagating permissions strategies:

IMPORTANT: Saving with recursive option is very dangerous, cause will override permissions for all subclasses and resources.

The permission strategy is configured here config/taoDacSimple/PermissionsService.conf.php. Example:

return new oat\taoDacSimple\model\PermissionsServiceFactory(
        'save_strategy' => 'oat\\taoDacSimple\\model\\SyncPermissionsStrategy',
        'recursive_by_default' => false

Environment variables

Variable Description Default value Values
ACL_TRANSFER_MODE Set the preferable transfer mode acl.keep.original acl.keep.original